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Inside Out Bing Bong

Inside Out Bing Bong Entertainment Busy Beaver Button Museum
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Inside Out Bing Bong back Entertainment Busy Beaver Button Museum
Inside Out Tsum Tsum Badge Set
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© Disney/Pixar
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Caricature of Bing Bong from Disney Pixar’s Inside Out on a yellow background.

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Made in China

Fabriqué en Chine

Disney Store, Pasadena, CA 91105

Disney Store Ltd., London W6 9PE



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Following the release of Disney Pixar's movie Inside Out, the Disney store produced a plethora of toys. This includes a line of their "Tsum Tsum" toys dedicated to the emotions represented and other sellable characters in the movie: Joy, Sadness, Anger, Disgust, Fear, Rainbow Unicorn, and Bing Bong. These stuffed animals have been created by Disney's Japanese stores and have since gone international due to their attraction to kids, their elongated figures, and their stackable nature, creating a collectible craze. 

The character in this image is Bing Bong, a part of an exclusive badge set. The image depicted here is a Tsum Tsum stylized version of the character from the movie and can be categorized as "Tsum Tsum merch."


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