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International Woodworkers Of America

International Woodworkers Of America Club Button Museum
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International Woodworkers Of America button back Club Button Museum
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At center, an art deco, keystone shape with a forested sunrise image in the center above union acronym, a green circle surrounds, all on a silver background.

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The International Woodworkers of America is an industrial workers union for lumbermen, sawmill workers, timber transportation and others that was founded in 1937. The union spread into Canada, and by 1946 it was the largest union in Canada. During its peak in the 1970's the IWA had 115,000 members. Membership began to decline in the 1980's due to environmental concerns, which limited the lumber industry, as well as anti-union employment policies. In 1987 the Canadian branch separated from the American branch and took on a new name, the Industrial, Wood and Allied Workers of Canada until 2004 when it merged with the United Steelworkers. In 1994 the American branch of the IWA was down to just 20,000 members. Knowing it was no longer viable, the IWA merged with the International Association of Machinists.

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