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Iomega was a data storage company established in 1980. It is now known as LenovoEMC after a takeover in 2008 by EMC, the largest data-storage provider in the world. Iomega had over one thousand employees and was first located in the state of Utah. The company was present at a number of trade show events during the early 2000s, before the 2008 takeover.

Some of Iomega’s well-known products included REV Drives, Zip Drives, HDD Desktop Hard Drive, Iomega Automatic Backup software, Iomega NAS servers, and Iomega iStorage. iStorage allowed customers to access online storage with an unlimited capacity at any time, any place. The company also provided complete data recovery services for both customers and businesses who lost data because of “hardware failure, file corruption or media damage.” Iomega provided services to four different regions: North America, Latin America and the Caribbean, Europe and Africa, and Asia Pacific. 

LenovoEMC and Iomega NAS products were discontinued by Lenovo in 2018. In 2020, a hacker group started wiping Lenovo NAS devices and holding the contents for ransom. NAS/LenovoEMC devices have been targeted with malware and ransomware a number of other times in recent years.


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