Iron Maiden and Quiet Riot Concert

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Text on Button 90 Rock Welcomes IRON MAIDEN and QUIET RIOT Hot Rock Cold Bud October 4, 1983 Baltimore Civic Center
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On October 4th, 1983 Iron Maiden and Quiet Riot played at the Baltimore Civic Center - the entire event sponsored by local radio station, 98 Rock. 98 Rock, otherwise known as WIYY or 97.9FM is currently active in Baltimore and plays rock music. The station often sponsors local concerts and classic rock groups - it has been recognized as one of the nation's top rock radio stations.

Iron Maiden is an English rock band active from the early 70s.. They were early pioneers in the genre known as 'metal'. This particular concert was part of Iron Maiden's 'World Piece Tour' to promote the band's fourth album Piece of Mind. Maiden's tour would be a whopping 139 shows and the associated album was a huge success including metal anthems 'The Trooper', 'Flight of Icarus', and 'Where Eagles Dare'. 

Quiet Riot, the other band performing was a popular 1970s-1980s hair metal band that disbanded in 1990 and has been sporadically active since. Quiet Riot released their hugely successful album Metal Health (1983)  featuring the hit song "Cum on Feel the Noize". In 1984 Quiet Riot released another album (Condition Critical) that could not achieve Metal Health popularity it still was commercially successful. Rarely did Quiet Riot, even when successful, perform as the headline act - they spent much of 1983 opening for Black Sabbath on the "Born Again Tour". Having made a comeback in recent years, Quiet Riot is attempting new music like many other hair rockers that are becoming beloved by a younger generation.

The Baltimore Civic Center has hosted everything from rock-stars to monster trucks since being built in 1962 atop Old Congress Hall. Baltimore Arena would become the official name of the venue in 1986 and starting in 2003 First Mariner Arena (due to sponsorship from First Mariner Bank). 

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