It's A Boy

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Text on Button IT'S A BOY!
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Baby boy above black text over blue background. 

(Additional Text: Congratulations, Dad! In all the world there is no greater joy Than being the father of a new boy! No teasure's so rare as that little lad. No pleasure compares to being called "Dad" Compliments of SWIFT'S MEATS FOR BABIES)

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Swift and Company established itself as a meat distributor in 1855, expanding the business from Gustavus Franklin Swift being the sole employee to its current place as a multi-million dollar business owned by Hicks, Muse, Tate & Furst Inc. Investors.  Swift advertised its baby food heavily in the 1950s, using, in addition to buttons, Norman Rockwell paintings in their magazine advertisements to represent the joy babies got from eating Swift baby food.  

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