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Ive Got XX Appeal

Ive Got XX Appeal Beer Busy Beaver Button Museum
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Ive Got XX Appeal back Beer Busy Beaver Button Museum
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I've got XX appeal.
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Red XX in center of black text over yellow background.

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A play on the phrase, sex appeal, meaning what makes someone attractive, XX appeal is marketing to the effect that Dos Equis beer drinkers are more appealing. The first Dos Equis beer was brewed under a different name in 1897. Wilhelm Hasse, a German immigrant who had moved to Mexico, started the Moctezuma Brewery seven years prior. Although the Dos Equis beer, “Siglo XX,” had been around since the 1890's, the company's brews weren't imported into the U.S. until 1983. Nearly two and a half decades later, Dos Equis beer was declared the fastest-growing import in the United States. While some of Dos Equis advertising might seem uninspired during Dos Equis’ early years in the U.S., they’d later go on to introduce, “The Most Interesting Man in the World,” in a 2006 commercial, which was a successful advertising campaign that would gain much attention and last for twelve years.


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