Jason Steele Quartet July 20, 2010

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Text on Button Jason Steele Quartet Gunnelpumpers Matt Ulrey's Loom www.jasonsteelemusic.com July 20, 2010 Martyrs - 3855 North Lincoln Avenue - 8pm
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In Chicago, Illinois on July 10, 2010, jazz musicians Jason Steele Quartet, Matt Ulery’s Loom, and Gunnelpumpers all performed in the small bar and music venue, Martyrs’. 

Jason Steele is an acclaimed jazz musician and composer. Matt Ulery’s Loom consists of Thad Franklin on trumpet, Tim Haldeman on tenor saxophone, Jon Deitemyer on drums, Rob Clearfield on accordian and piano, Zach Brock on violin, and Matt Ulery on double bass and compositions. The Gunnelpumpers band was founded in Chicago in 2002 by bassist and composer Douglas Johnson and percussionist Randy Farr. The main group consists of Johnson, Farr, rock guitarist John Meyer, Chicago Symphony bassist Michael Hovnanian, and session musicians Tom Mendel on bass guitar and Bob Garrett on drums. However, they have had 50 musicians perform alongside them. 


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