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Javelin Play Button

Javelin Play Button Innovative Button Museum
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Javelin Play Button button back Innovative Button Museum
Javelin Play Button box front Innovative Button Museum
Javelin Play Button box back Innovative Button Museum
Javelin Play Button inside box Innovative Button Museum
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Photograph of a gold six-pointed star surrounded by gold circle against white background. Black text on center of star and surrounding circle.

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Canyon Candy is an album by the indie electronic duo Javelin. Soon after the release of Canyon Candy, the artists began a project to create a companion film to the album. Donors to the film's Kickstarter campaign were rewarded with a limited edition Canyon Candy Playbutton.

Now nearly obsolete, the Playbutton was a wearable mp3 player stored inside a button. The mp3 player was just large enough to play a single album, whose cover art was displayed on the front of the button. The innovative design included a headphone jack and built-in playback controls for ease of listening. The Playbutton came with a commemorative box and headphone jack adaptor. 


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