The Joker In Blue Shirt

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Illustration of the Joker in blue, black, red, and white above a red background. Text in white. 

Curl Text 1966 Creative HSE Chcgo 60641 ©N.P.P Inc. 1966
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The Joker was a fictional character from the DC comic book series,Batman. The Joker made his first appearance in the comic book's very fist issue in Spring 1940. Credit for the character's creation is often disputed, with Jerry Robinson, Bill Finger, and Bob Kane all receiving some or all of the credit. Although Kane and Robinson take credit for the design of the character, they acknowledge Finger's writing contribution. 
Throughout the comic book series and various film adaptations, the Joker is often portrayed as a master criminal with a genius intellect and sadistic sense of humor. Many observers have noted that the Joker and Batman's dynamic relationship parallels the concept of yin and yang. In numerous episodes, for instance, when Batman was able to kill the Joker, or vice versa, the former relented at the last moment. Without each other's arch nemesis, either one would lose their identity, thus bringing an end to this seemingly endless battle.

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