Judas Priest Sad Wings of Destiny

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Multi-colored illustration of an angel against a background of flames. 

Curl Text Personalities Inc. Gaithersburg, Maryland TM - Judas Priest Wings of Destiny
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The English heavy metal band, Judas Priest, released their second album, entitled Sad Wings of Destiny in 1976. The illustration on this button is a reproduction of the album's cover art, a piece called Fallen Angel by commissioned artist Patrick Woodroffe, depicting a struggling, grounded angel surrounded by flames and wearing a devil's three-pronged cross, which was the band's symbol. It is the only Judas Priest album to feature drummer Alan Moore. 

Sad Wings of Destiny at first had little commercial success, competing with the rise of punk rock. The band supported the album with a three-month tour of the UK, and CBS Records took note. Judas Priest went on to sign with CBS Records and received a large budget to produce their next album, Sin After Sin, released the following year. 

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