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Illustration of a camp light with bugs flying around it on a black background. The white area on this button glows in the dark.

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Julia Rothman is a Brooklyn, NY based artist known for her illustrations, paintings, and patterns. She has published numerous books based on her work and also illustrates for editorial and advertising pieces, most notably as a regular illustrator for The New Yorker. She also teaches Surface Design, the design process of adding illustrations to interior decor items, at the School of Visual Arts in New York. Rothman is also the co-founder of Women Who Draw, an open directory of professional, female illustrators, artists, and cartoonists that works to increase the visibility of women and women-of-color in the art community.

This button is part of the 2008 “Glow” Button-O-Matic series (the buttons glow in the dark) produced by Busy Beaver Button Company. The Button-O-Matic is a gumball style vending machine that dispenses limited edition art buttons.


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