Jurassic Park Brachiosaurus

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Sitting on a bright yellow background, a solid black island is outlined in red with a white circular inset of two black skeleton black dinosaur head and necks on the left side of the island. Uppercase text in font from the movie sits on the right side of the island with "Brachiosaurus" centered below the inset. 

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Jurassic Park Brachiosaurus was part of a promotional collectible set, welcome kit created by 'Doctor Collection' International in 1993. The button was attached to a "Badge Pack Collection" cardstock that included 4 additional button variations.

Jurassic Park is a franchise created from books written by Michael Crighton. The first Jurassic Park movie was directed by Steven Spielberg and featured a mix of animatronic models and digital editing to make the dinosaur theme park scenes look realistic. Techniques used in the movie were recognized and the movie won several awards including Academy Awards for sound and visual effects, a Hugo for dramatic presentation, Saturn Awards for writing and directing, and several BAFTA Awards among many others.

The Brachiosaurus dinosaur featured in the Jurassic Park movie as the dinosaur moving trees that stops the main characters in awe when they first arrive to visit the island.

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