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An illustration of child wearing a square academic cap and sitting at a desk on a white background.  On the edge of the button, circling the illustration, is large black text on a red background. 

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Quiz Kids was a radio program, eventually turned television program, which ran for 13 consecutive years from 1940-1953. The program was broadcasted to a national audience and featured extremely intelligent kids answering questions sent in by listeners. Each program was 30 minutes of question and answer. The show was broadcast live and listeners were entranced by how quickly they answered questions, even problems that required calculations without pencil and paper. The contestants ranged in age from 5 to 15 years old. The show was broadcast in the late afternoon, roughly the time period between when children would get home from school and eat dinner. The show made it acceptable for children to be exceptional and well educated. The Kaynee Company used the Quiz Kids program to promote their line of boys clothing in commercials.


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