Keep Your Eye on Chevrolet

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Under the guidance of William Knudsen, the president of Chevrolet from 1924 to 1937, the company rushed the release of a new line of cars called the Chevrolet 6. Locked in a competitive sales race with his fellow captains of the automotive industry, Henry Ford and Walter Chrysler, Knudsen updated the ‘32 line to include more cylinders than the company’s previous models. He had the new line manufactured and placed on the market faster than his competitors, who were also adding more cylinders to their new cars. 

The speedy production of the ‘32 line was paired with an aggressive marketing campaign that touted the slogan, “Keep Your Eye on Chevrolet.” The company commissioned the production of 168 radio spots, 5,355 newspaper ads, and 25,000 posters that equalled 118 miles in length featuring this slogan. Chevrolet's blitz campaign, along with their quick production turnaround, was a massive success until Ford announced the production of the Ford V-8.


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