Kevin Hooyman

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Illustration of a creature's face with horns and a hat on a background with a sunburst design on a glow in the dark background that is off white

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Kevin Hooyman is a comic book artist whose work blends psychedelic and humorous styles. He earned his degree in Visual Arts from Brown University in 1993, and currently resides in New York City. Kevin’s illustrations have been featured in magazines, books, album covers, and in Wes Anderson’s film, Moonrise Kingdom. One of Kevin’s most notable comic books is Conditions On The Ground, which is a collection of some of his most popular comics.

This button is part of the 2008 “Glow” Button-O-Matic series (the buttons glow in the dark) produced by Busy Beaver Button Company. The Button-O-Matic is a gumball style vending machine that dispenses limited edition art buttons.


Conditions On The Ground by Kevin Hooyman. (n.d.). Floating World Comics.…

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