Kill Your Television Monochrome

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Black illustration and text on a white background

Curl Text © 1989 DONNELLY/COLT BUTTONS BOX 188 HAMPDEN CT 06247 UFCW (203) 455-XX21
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The saying seen here became a popular bumper sticker slogan in 1979 when nationally renowned art-furniture maker Ed Zucca printed up the first 100 stickers. According to a 2000 article in the Baltimore Sun, Zucca felt that TV was “transforming humanity into some kind of monster” so he advocated killing it before it killed you. 

After the first batch of stickers ran out, fellow woodworker G. Leslie Sweetnam took up the cause and went to progressive printers Donnelly/Colt to make more. The slogan has been printed on posters, stickers, buttons, T-shirts and coffee mugs.

Catalog ID CA0888