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Cartoon depiction of the character King Sphinx on a black and green background. 

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King Sphinx is a Pharoah Sphinx-like monster from the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers (MMPR) series. He made his debut in season 1, episode 4 of the MMPR in 1993 in the episode entitled "A Pressing Engagement." In the episode, King Sphinx is created by the evil Finster for his boss Rita, by throwing a handful of Egyptian into a clay mold whilst making the monster. His sole purpose is to defeat the red ranger and leader of the group, Jason, to weaken the Power Rangers.  

His powers include teleportation, a cobra beam from the statue mounted on his head, and wind flares from his wings. King Sphinx also wields a scepter that can fire a barrage of fireballs. While a wicked and strong foe, he is extremely prideful and arrogant ultimately leading to his defeat by the Rangers. 

King Sphinx starred in just one episode of MMPR and was only mentioned in another. Despite this, he became one the most featured villain characters to be used by the franchise. This included much of the artwork, appearances in 3 different MMPR video games, franchise merchandise, and an action figure. 


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