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A red button with with text. The inside of the button features a white circle with the red outline of a man serving beverages. 

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Krueger Beer began with Gottfried Kruger and the Gottfried Krueger Brewing Company in Newark, New Jersey in 1858. The company produced Krueger Beer, the first beer to be sold in cans in 1935. In 1926 Gottfried Krueger passed away and the company sold off all assets and closed in 1961. 

In the Post-prohibition years Krueger introduced "The K Man", as seen in the button above. The K-Man was featured on the first cans of beer ever sold, and was a huge advertising campaign in the 1950s. Mr.K would say things such as "People who care about the size of hips....let no beer but Krueger pass honorable lips".

Beers in the Krueger line included Amabssaor, Krueger's Finest Beer, Krueger's Cream Ale, Krueger's Bock, Kent Ale and, Old Surrey Porter. 

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