La Fiesta De Los Angeles

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Text on Button LA FIESTA DE LOS ANGELES 1897
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Image of a smiling women with flowing black hair wearing a red dress and mask. Green lettering around the edge with yellow background at the top of the design.


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Montgomery...Jewellers Los Angeles Cal Copyrighted W.&H. Co. Patent July 17, 1894 April 14, 1896 July 21, 189X

Curl Text Copyright 1897 Charles Strong Walton Los Angeles Cal.
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"La Fiesta de Los Angeles" which began on April 10, 1894, was a four day festival that the city threw in its own honor celebrating its many different cultures. It continued throughout the 1890s. The event featured parades, floats, many flowers, athletic competitions, a costume ball, and carnival attended by masked revelers. It was conceived of by a local business man as a way to attract tourism at a time when the effects of the 1893 depression were being felt.

This button is from the rendition of it that was held April 20-24, 1897. 

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