Labor for Jesse Jackson '88

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In 1988, Baptist minister and Democratic politician Jesse Jackson campaigned for the presidency for his second time. The noted activist’s first campaign in 1984 had put him in third place in the race for the Democratic Party’s nomination, which was much farther than many had believed he could go. Jackson’s 1988 platform was much the same as it had been in 1984, calling for a “Rainbow Coalition” of minorities, the LGBT community, and the poor. He also campaigned for an end to the War on Drugs, the creation of more jobs, and raising taxes on the wealthy. The campaign went well but was hindered by allegations of his brother’s criminal past. Jackson won second place in the race for the Democratic nomination, with first place going to Michael Dukakis who eventually lost the presidential election to George H. W. Bush. Jackson continued to serve in politics and is still leading his organization Rainbow/PUSH—a group dedicated to social justice.


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