Landon Knox Elephant

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Yellow illustration of an elephant with brown text on its back and yellow text above and below it on a brown background. This button also has a piece of yellow felt shaped like a flower pinned to the back. 

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This button dates back to the 1936 presidential election when Alf Landon, a Republican as the elephant on the button indicates, ran against incumbent president Franklin D. Roosevelt. Landon had become governor of Kansas in 1932, and in 1936 ran for the presidency with Frank Knox, a newspaper publisher from Chicago. During his campaign, Landon rarely traveled, which hurt his relationship with voters, and later accused Roosevelt of corruption. Unsurprisingly, Roosevelt won the election, carrying 46 out of 48 states in what was the most lopsided election in American History. Landon returned to the governorship and never again ran for an elected position, but remained politically active by backing presidential candidates, and was known for giving lectures from the 1960s until his death in the 1980s which featured influential political leaders like Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton.

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