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Lane Technical College Preparatory High School, commonly referred to as Lane Tech, is one of the oldest and most renowned schools in the Chicago Public School System. Founded in 1908, the school is named after former Superintendent Albert Lane (1841-1906), who had great influence over the development of the Chicago public school system. At one point the enrollment of the school had swelled to over 9,000 boys (the school was not made co-educational until 1971), requiring them to move to their present location, a 33 acre campus at Addison Street and Western Avenue. The school currently enrolls students from 7th-12th grades and has an enrollment of over 4,000 students.

The institution is called 'The School of Champions' because of its history of excellence (16 state championships since 1908). Its students have gone on to play in multiple professional leagues and even the Olympics. Fritz Pollard, a former student at Lane, was the first African American to be head coach in the NFL, when in 1921 he was named Head Coach of the Akron Pros.

In 2020, the school voted to remove the Native American man as its mascot after consulting with the American Indian Center of Chicago. The mascot was described by the organization as "racist and uphold[ing] our genocidal past as a nation." In 2022, the school plans to survey the school community to choose a new mascot. 


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