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Leak Proof Fork Seals

Leak Proof Fork Seals Advertising Busy Beaver Button Museum
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Leak Proof Fork Seals back Advertising Busy Beaver Button Museum
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Every motorcycle and bicycle has a front fork that holds the front wheel in place while allowing it to turn and brake. BMW developed a telescopic front fork incorporating hydraulic shock absorbers in the mid-1930s. This design isolated road bumps from the bike frame and the rider. Telescopic front forks became standard on motorcycles and are seen on some bicycles now as well. Being that the forks have oil-filled shock absorbers, good oil seals are essential to performance. Universal Accessories advertised their Leakproof™ fork and shock absorber seals as sized to fit “virtually everything.” By 1977, they had improved their seals with Teflon coating that they claimed reduced friction by 80%. Despite some advertising in 1970s motorcycle magazines, little is known about the company.

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