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Red and blue text on a white background with a curved red line under the red text

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This button is from Edmund Muskie’s 1972 campaign for the Presidency. Muskie, a Democrat from Maine, had served on the Senate since 1959 and campaigned unsuccessfully for the vice-presidency in the 1968 election alongside Hubert Humphrey. In 1972 Muskie was a popular candidate to be the Democratic party’s nominee, ranked higher than President Nixon in the polls, but was soon overtaken by fellow Democrat George McGovern, who quickly won many of the vital caucuses. Muskie was further attacked because of erroneous rumours of drug addiction and disparaging remarks about Canadians, and he ultimately did not get the backing of the Democratic party. Richard Nixon won the 1972 election against McGovern. Muskie returned to the Senate until 1980 to 1981 when he served as Secretary of State under Jimmy Carter, and retired afterwards until his death in 1996.

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