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Let's Party

Let's Party Event Button Museum
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Let's Party button back Event Button Museum
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Multicolor text on a black background and a photograph of a man's head and shoulders with an illustration of a hat and party favor and a white speech bubble

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National Pin-back Button Day July 21, 2015

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This button produced by Busy Beaver Button Co. for National Pinback Button Day features William McKinley. McKinley was the 25th U.S. president and the first president to use pinback buttons. Pinback celluloid buttons were patented by the Whitehead & Hoag Co. in 1896, just in time for McKinley's first presidential campaign during which mass-produced political buttons were used to rally support for the Republican nominee. July 21, 2015 marked the 119th birthday of the pinback button's original 1896 patent date. Busy Beaver Button Co. continues to produce commemorative button designs for National Pinback Button Day each year.


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