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Lindbergh Flight 50th Anniversary

Lindbergh Flight 50th Anniversary Event Button Museum
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Lindbergh Flight 50th Anniversary button back Event Button Museum
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LINDBERGH FLIGHT 50th ANNIVERSARY 1927-1977 Spirit of St. Louis NX211 RYAN
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Illustration of Charles Lindbergh's face with the airplane, Spirit of St. Louis, in the background on a tan circular background. Black text on a white outer border.

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The year 1977 was the 50th anniversary of Charles Lindbergh's historic 1927 flight from North America to mainland Europe. Lindbergh is famous for being the first person to pilot a nonstop transatlantic flight solo. In addition to his success as an aviator and explorer, he was also a military officer in the Army Air Corps Reserve. He was awarded the Model of honor for his flight. 

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