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Lisa Frank Piano

Lisa Frank Piano Art Busy Beaver Button Museum
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Lisa Frank Piano back Art Busy Beaver Button Museum
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Lisa Frank multi-colored rainbow keys on piano surrounded by rainbow musical notes on neon pink background with purple curl.

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Lisa Frank, Inc., was founded in Tucson, Arizona in 1979 by businesswoman Lisa Frank. The artwork the corporation creates features animals such as dolphins, pandas, unicorns, cats, and dogs in rainbow and neon colors. Lisa Frank was particularly popular in the 1980's and 1990's with elementary and middle school-aged girls marketing items such as school supplies, lunchboxes, and trapper keepers. The company is no longer producing its own items, however, it does license out its name to other, smaller companies and partner with other corporations. In 2017, Lisa Frank partnered with Reebok to release limited edition Reebok Classic Leathers shoes. Other memorable Lisa Frank news includes circulation of realty photos of a vacated factory from the 1990's production days that includes rainbow decor all the way to the dock doors.

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