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Illustration of a figure with sharp teeth and wearing a bow tie on a black background with stars. The white area is glow in the dark.

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The Little Friends of Printmaking is the creative idea of artists and designers JW and Melissa Buchanan. The husband-and-wife team of illustrators and printmakers is currently based in Los Angeles. Their work has appeared in WIRED magazine and the book New Masters of Poster Design. The images are bold and multi-colored, featuring animals, buildings, and nature. Many of the designs are silly and filled with intricate details, like a bear wearing a tie using a typewriter. In addition to screen-printed art, they also produce patches, socks, keychains, and lapel pins. Professionally they have created artwork for album covers, concerts, clothing, and advertising.

This button is part of the 2008 “Glow” Button-O-Matic series (the buttons glow in the dark) produced by Busy Beaver Button Company. The Button-O-Matic is a gumball-style vending machine that dispenses limited edition art buttons.


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