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A red letter C shape with a yellow center on a white stripe across the middle of the button with blue above and below and white text.

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This button, displaying the Colorado flag, was distributed in 1971 when John Love and John D. Vanderhoof ran for the Colorado Governorship and Lieutenant Governorships respectively. The election marked the first after the passing of a constitutional provision instituting the joint election of both positions. Love had been Governor of Colorado since first being elected to the position in 1963, while Vanderhoof had served in the Colorado House of Representatives since 1950. Love and Vanderhoof won the election, though in 1973, Love resigned in order to become the first Director of the Office of Energy Policy under President Nixon. Vanderhoof took over the governorship and led the state through an energy crisis and the Chicano Civil Rights Movement until the end of his term in 1975. Both returned to local politics in Colorado after their respective terms.

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