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Illustration of Marvel Comic's Luke Cage wearing a yellow shirt and a metal headband, on mustard yellow background. 

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Luke Cage is a Marvel character. According to the comics, Cage, formerly known as Carl Lucas, was born and raised in Harlem, New York. Lucas was immersed in an Electro-Biochemical System which was left unattended and in an effort to kill him, Albert Rackham sabotaged the controls. Instead of killing Cage however, Rackham inadvertently caused the machine to mutate Cage’s cells. This granted Cage superhuman strength, durability, stamina, and other abilities.

Luke Cage has appeared in numerous Marvel comics ranging from his first appearance in Hero For Hire in 1972 to the most recent City of Fire (2021-2022). In 2016, Netflix made a live action series which lasted two seasons. Cage has also had various superhero aliases, from Power Man to Uncle Luke. The button depicts one of Cage’s earlier costumes with the metal headband.


Winley, Justin. (2022). Luke Cage’s First Costume Is Still His Best, & He’ll Never Wear Pick It Again.

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