Macarthur For America

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Red text printed below a photograph of General Douglas MacArthur on a white background.

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General Douglas MacArthur is remembered for his successful command of the Southwest Pacific Theater during World War II, as well as leading other military operations, including the United Nations forces during the first part of the Korean War.  MacArthur was promoted to General of the Army in 1944, and in 1945 he was called on to command all of the U.S. Forces in the Pacific area.  

In 1948, conservative Republican groups attempted to nominate General MacArthur for President of the United States using the slogan “MacArthur for America.”  MacArthur was commanding Allied troops in Japan at the time, and was therefore unable to campaign for office. He quickly lost in the primary to Thomas E. Dewey, who was beat in the general election by President Harry S. Truman.

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