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Vermont is a US state in New England with a population close to 650,000. Its name derives from ‘vert mont,’ meaning ‘green mountain’ in French, which characterizes the state’s mountainous geography covered with lush green hardwoods and conifers. The area has a rich history, being inhabited for around 12,000 years by indigenous tribes such as the Mohawks, then colonized by France, and later ceded to England. Since its founding, Vermont had a strong abolitionist sentiment, and abolished slavery before any other US state.

Vermont is known for its agricultural produce, especially its roasted coffee, chocolate, apples, and dairy. For example, Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream was founded and is headquartered in Vermont. The state is also the national leader in maple syrup production. There are around 75 farmers markets throughout the state, many of which are organic, and this fresh produce is a significant component of Vermont's culture.


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