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Make Love Not War

Make Love Not War Cause Button Museum
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Make Love Not War button back Cause Button Museum
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Black text on a bright yellow star burst shape on a bright green background

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"Make love, not war," was a common phrase used in the early 1960s. The origin is unknown, but it was popularized by Diane Newell Meyer, Penelope Rosemont, and Franklin Rosemont. Meyer pinned the motto to her sweatshirt during a student protest at the University of Oregon. This protest was one of the many counterculture movements that opposed the Vietnam War. Penelope, Franklin, and Tor Faegre designed and created buttons with the same motto to sell at their bookshop in Chicago in the early 60s. 

“Make love” usually was connected to the social movement of free love. That the state should not interfere with things like marriage and birth control.


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