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The Mask

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The Mask back Entertainment Busy Beaver Button Museum
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Image of Stanley Ipkiss (Jim Carey) wearing the mask, yellow hat and suit. Ipkiss's eyes are bulging out of his sockets and his tounge is lying on a table. On the table is a small lamp and the words "The Mask" is listed above it in green capital letters. 

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©1994 NLP

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The Mask is a 1994 American fantasy superhero comedy movie directed by Chuck Russell.  Based on a comic books series of the same name and published by Dark Horse Comics, The Mask stars Jim Carrey. His character, Stanley Ipkiss, finds a magical mask which turns him into a grinning trickster with reality-bending powers uninhibited by anything, including physical reality.  The film was a box-office success and ranked among the top ten moneymakers of 1994. Carrey earned a Golden Globe nomination for his performance and The Mask was nominated for Best Visual Effects at the 67th Academy Awards.  

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