Masons Pop

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Text on Button Enjoy MASONS "POP" 1977
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An illustration of a British flag on a flag pole is centered on the button with "MASONS" in blue centered on the flag. The date is placed on its side and to the left of the flag. The words "Enjoy" and "Pop" are above and below the flag respectively. The words are red and the date is blue on a beige background.

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Mason's Pop Company was a popular English soft drink company founded in 1895 by Titus Mason, base in Smethwick, England. Mason's Pop experienced financial difficulty in the 1990s, and the company was sold to its rival, Purity. Purity now produces thirty different Mason's flavors, among them apple, ginger beer, cola, cherry, and Super Jaff. Super Jaff is their most popular flavor, characterized by its distinct bright orange color.  

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