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Joseph McCarthy (1908-1957) was an American politician whose actions are best recognized for dominating the U.S. political climate of the 1950s. McCarthy previously served as a circuit judge before running for the Senate in 1946, which this button was used to promote. In a famous 1950 speech, McCarthy made the claim that the State Department had been infiltrated by communists, which created a national uproar. In testifying before the Senate committee on Foreign Relations, McCarthy was unable to back up his claims. 

Winning reelection in 1952, McCarthy continued with his investigations. In 1954, a televised 36-day hearing was held where McCarthy turned his communist accusations towards the United States Army. McCarthy's accusations were found unsubstantial, weakening his support and popularity. In that same year, the Senate called for a vote condemning McCarthy for his conduct and lack of evidence in his investigations. The vote would lead to McCarthy being censured by the Senate, thus hindering his influence over the American public.


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