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McCormick Place On The Lake

McCormick Place On The Lake Chicago Button Museum
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McCormick Place On The Lake button back Chicago Button Museum
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An illustration of the McCormick Place with an illustrated sky serving as a background, above trees, grass, and a body of water that serves as a background to black and red text (the red text is in a pink square). 

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This button is a souvenir from McCormick Place, the largest convention center in North America. Located in near Lake Michigan, McCormick Place hosts numerous events such as trade shows, meetings, and the Chicago Auto Show. The convention center consists of four main building, North and South Buildings, West Building and Lakeside Center. Its impressive size and versatility attracts major corporations to host their events at this venue.

Colonel Robert R. McCormick, the editor and publisher of the Chicago Tribune, conceptualized the idea of a permanent exhibition hall for the city of Chicago. He campaigned feverishly for funds and the authorization from the state of Illinois to construct a building for exhibits. In 1955, the State approved the proposition and construction began. Unfortunately Colonel McCormick died in the same year and he never saw his efforts materialize. The facility was completed in 1960 and named after Colonel McCormick. The building was expanded, renovated, and reinvented over time. Now it attracts 3 million visitors each year.  

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