McKinley Roosevelt Campaign

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Photographs of McKinley and Roosevelt are next to one another on a white background with a gold circular border.  Above and behind the portraits is an illustration of a red, white, and blue bow on a gold background.

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The Whitehead & Hoag Co.  Newark, N.J. Union Bug.  The a portion of backpaper has been removed, but two partial dates appear, one in July  and another that is April 14, 18?

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President William McKinley was elected as the 25th president of the United States in 1896. He then won a second term in 1900 with a new running mate, Vice President Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt. McKinley was assassinated just months after he was sworn in to office for the second time, and Roosevelt became the 26th president on September 14, 1901. McKinley is remembered for leading the country to victory in the Spanish-American war. 

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