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Morris “Mo” K. Udall was a U.S. congressmen who ran for the Democratic nomination for the presidential election in 1976. Udall’s platform concentrated on what he would call “the three E’s” – energy, environment and the economy. He advocated for a planned use of natural resources and proposed a government guaranteed full employment program, a cut in the defense budget, and the federalization of the welfare system. He supported the Equal Rights Amendment and a national health insurance plan. Despite his early primary strength and support form the liberal wing of the Democratic party, he was never able to win a primary victory. After losing the Ohio primary on June 9, 1976, Udall ended his campaign and the Democratic nomination went to Jimmy Carter of Georgia, who later won the presidential election.

Udall’s campaign led him to become a national known political figure and he continued his work in Congress becoming the chair of the House Interior Committee in 1976, a post he held until 1991 when he resigned. One of his final achievements was to sponsor the 1990 Native American Grave Protection and Repatriation Act, which protects Indian burial grounds.


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