Mean Corporations Suck

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Text on Button MEAN CORPORATIONS SUCK INFACT 800-688-8797 [union bug]
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Curl Text DONNELLY/COLT BUTTONS BOX 188 HAMPTON, CT 06247 (860) 455-9621
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Established in 1975, Donnelly/ Colt Progressive Resources creates materials for consciousness-raising and fundraising with the goal of creating a more peaceful world. The “Mean Corporations Sucks” button was created by Donnelly/ Colt for their own catalog in response to the slogan “Mean People Suck” circulating in the 1980s on t-shirts, buttons, and stickers. 

Many materials with the slogan “Mean Corporations Suck” have “Mean” stricken out by hardliner anti-corporation activists who aimed to make the statement inclusive of any corporation. 

The number on the button is the toll number for Corporate Accountability, an organization dedicated to enforcing ethical standards and responsibility in corporations. As of 2023, the number and organization are still active.


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