In Memory Of A Rock Superstar John Lennon

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Text on Button In Memory of a Rock Superstar JOHN LENNON Oct. 9, 1940 Dec. 8, 1980
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Greyscale photograph of John Lennon on white background. Red band with white text around edge of button. 

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In addition to his role as a member and songwriter for The Beatles, John Lennon was also a political activist later in his career.

This button is memorabilia of his death in 1980, when he was shot and killed by Mark David Chapman outside the entrance to his apartment building in New York City. His wife Yoko Ono was with him at the time. His tremendous popularity caused a massive reaction from fans in the United States, The United Kingdom, and around the world. Several memorials were created in his honor, including "Strawberry Fields" in New York City's Central Park. 

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