Merry Christmas Angel

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Green text over an illustration of a child in pink with yellow hair on a green background looking at a yellow star

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For centuries, stars have been used as symbols and have different meanings in different cultures. They appear in and are related to the ways of art, religion, science, spirituality, and other aspects of human existence and experience. In Christianity, the five-pointed star can serve as a reminder of the Five Holy Wounds Jesus received while on the cross. It can also be associated with the birth of Jesus Christ. Because this button features a star beside the text of “Merry Christmas,” this is likely a reference to the Christmas star, which represents the star of Bethlehem. According to the Book of Matthew, the star appeared in the eastern night sky when Jesus was born and guided the Magi to his location, where they presented him with gifts. It is now Christian tradition to commemorate that biblical telling during the Christmas season through an exhibition known as the nativity scene.


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