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Merry Christmas Happy New Year

Merry Christmas Happy New Year Event Button Museum
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Merry Christmas Happy New Year button back Event Button Museum
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Black text around an illustration of Santa's head on a blue and yellow background on a white background

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Images of Santa Claus have adorned pin-back buttons to promote various activities throughout the years. The "Health for All" Santa Claus buttons were handed out by the American Lung Association. Christmas buttons have also been distributed during visits to see Santa Claus at malls, meals, or town celebrations. Veterans have sold Merry Christmas and Santa Claus buttons during the holiday season to raise money for charity.
The phrases "Merry Christmas" and "Happy New Year" were popularized during the early 19th century. Composer Arthur Warrell, created a carol entitled "A Merry Christmas: West Country traditional song". The well-known line "We Wish You a Merry Christmas And a Happy New Year" comes from this carol.


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