Metbrau All Natural Draft

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Text on Button Make Mine All Natural Draft METBRAU NON-ALCOHOLIC MALT BEVERAGE Contains less than 1/2 % alcohol by volume
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Black and red text on a yellow bubble with a beer bottle and glass full of beer on ice on a black background.

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Metbrau was a non-alcoholic brew produced by Metropolis Brewery of New Jersey, which was a company of Iroquois Brands. Iroquois Brewery was founded in 1842, and it remained open during Prohibition by brewing soda and “near beer”, one of those being Metbrau. The “all natural  draft non alcoholic malt beverage” gained new popularity during the mid-1980s fitness craze, and by 1987, Metbrau was ranked #1 in sales of non-alcoholic beers. By the 1990s, however, Iroquois Brands and its subsidiaries had been sold and most of them closed, including Metbrau’s producer. 

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