Mickey and Minnie

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Mickey and Minnie are smiling and holding each other. Minnie is wearing a red dress, a blue hair bow, and blue shoes. Mickey is wearing a blue jacket and red pants.  To the left of them are three red hearts. Below the hearts, along the lower left side of the button, are the words "LOV'IN" written in red. The background is white with a red outline. 

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Copyright Walt Disney Productions
Monogram Products Inc
Largo, Florida 33543

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Both Mickey and Minnie were created by Walt Disney in 1928 in order to replace Walt Disney's old character Oswald the Lucky Rabbit and his string of potential love interests. The placement of the text "Walt Disney Productions" on the back, the large size of the button, and the use of plastic are all characteristic of Disney pins during the 1970's and 80's.

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