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Mickey Mouse Club On Ice

Mickey Mouse Club On Ice Club Button Museum
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Mickey Mouse Club On Ice button back Club Button Museum
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Illustration of Mickey Mouse's head over yellow text on a white background with an outer red edge.

Ribbon, faded, says OFFICIAL MEMBER Walt Disney WORLD ON ICE

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The original Mickey Mouse Club debuted on ABC in 1955 that featured a regular cast of teenage performers. The ahow called their cast members Mousketeers and they performed both musical and dance numbers with occasional informational bits also. Each weekday had a different theme on the show and the corresponded with the different segments for that day. For example, Monday was "Fun with Music Day" and Wednesday was "Anything Can Happen Day". The show has undergone several revivals and different name changes throughout the years, it is now known as Club Mickey Mouse but with the same premise as the earlier show.

In 1981, Disney material began appearing in ice shows under Feld Productions. In 1998, the name was changed from Walt Disney World On Ice to Disney On Ice.


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