Middy and Westy Fun Club

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Illustrations of a boy and a girl on the upper right side and black outlined text on teh left side and bottom on a yellow background. 

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The Middy and Westy Fun Klub was a club that was associated with the Midwest Dairy Corporation. The Midwest Dairy Corporation, at its most productive, covered the country from the Great Lakes region all the way to Mexico. In the Monroe Star, May 17, 1950, there was a brief article announcing the purchase of Gold Creameries by the Chicago based Midwest Dairy Corporation. This article also explains that the dairy had farms in 10 states prior to the purchase. Middy and Westy were “the Midwest Quality and Flavor Twins” that not only served as a marketing tool, they also functioned as the representatives of the Fun Klub. Although it is difficult to find information about the Klub itself, two articles were found where Middy and Westy were mentioned. In the Hope Star newspaper on March 22, 1951 Middy and Westy appear to announce a give away of two Schwinn bicycles. The Arkansas based paper explains that one “prize coupon” will be issued for every five Midwest Dairy Corporation bottle caps or carton tabs. The prize coupons all go into a drawing for the Schwinn bikes. Middy and Westy also appear in an article in the Daily Register (Harrisburg, IL) on April 4, 1950 for an Easter egg coloring contest. 

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