Miller High Life Woman and Moon

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A colorful illustration of a woman in a red striped dress holding a can of beer while sitting on a crescent moon above gold text on a background of clouds and a blue sky with gold stars. A celluloid cut out of the same woman hangs below the button by a red ribbon. 

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Founded in 1903, the Miller High Life Girl has been the mascot of the brand since the beginning. Depicting a circus girl, with her tall hat and whip, for the first 4 years she was shown standing on a wooden crate holding a tray of Miller High Life. In 1907 she changed to the now famous pose of sitting on a crescent moon, raising up one beer toward the sky. In 1944 she changed from being profile view to looking the consumer straight on.

The High Life Girl remained the logo until the 1980's when she was replaced. Following a slump in sales the High Life Girl was brought back in 1998 to try and bring life back into the brand. Going with a sentimental 'retro chic' marketing strategy that reminds people of the 'good old days', Miller High Life has started to make a come back.

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