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Milwaukee County Zoo Tiger

Milwaukee County Zoo Tiger Events Busy Beaver Button Museum
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Milwaukee County Zoo Tiger back Events Busy Beaver Button Museum
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CHANDAR, Milwaukee County Zoo
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An adult white tiger with black stripes lies on a brown floor before a black background. Superimposed over the image is red text.

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1986 copyright Best Seal Corp. New Jersey 08820 Made in USA

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"Chandar" was a rare white, blue-eyed Bengal tiger acquired by the Milwaukee County Zoo in 1984. Chandar, along with his companion, Dadra, a typically orange and black Bengal tiger with yellow eyes, were acquired together. Due to Chandar's unique coloring his residence at the zoo was widely marketed in promotional materials such as this button. In addition, there was a "Chandar Club" for children aged 7 to 13. Chandar died of pancreatitis in 1988.

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