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Minneapolis Journal

Minneapolis Journal Club Button Museum
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Minneapolis Journal button back Club Button Museum
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Faded white text on a green outer edge and on a brown stripe

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E.R. Williamson & Co. MAKERS Minneapolis

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Starting in September 1900, the Minneapolis Journal gave out Junior souvenir buttons to the young contributors of the "Junior Journal" section, who had published their first article in the journal, but didn't win a prize or an "honorable mention."

The Minneapolis Journal was founded by Clarence A. French, Charles H. Stevens, and Frank E. Curtis and began publishing on November 26, 1878 as the Evening Journal. The Journal covered news within Minneapolis as well as Saint Paul, the state, and the nation. The newspaper began a “Junior Journal” section on Saturdays for young readers in 1898, highlighting writing and artwork of the schoolchildren from Minneapolis, greater Minnesota, and Northwestern states including Wisconsin, Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota, Michigan, Montana, and Nebraska. 


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